Our life with a toddler and identical triplet boys!

Life with Big Big Brother and Identical Triplet Boys!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Sharon Lippincott



Saturday, August 23, 2014

Potty Training!

Evan and Riley are doing GREAT with the potty training! They have woken up with dry pull-ups all week in the morning and at naps! It started out rough (they only were good for Jess during the day and then refused to use the potty at night for me!) but that is long gone and we are on a good streak :). Little boys in underwear are the cutest!! Peej isn't there yet, but that's ok ;)

Best Little Patient

> PJ got some "mommy time" which of course means a trip to the Drs office! All if the boys actually love going to the Drs because they get some good ol 1:1 time :). We arrived early over the lunch hour so PJ got to visit and give some snuggles to Dr. Mary before his appointment with our other dear friend, Dr. Sande!

The little guy has been waking up with low energy, very pale and blueish lips recently so we got a referral to ENT to check our his tonsils and adenoids. Peej of course was the best little patient and did everything Auntie Sande asked, and of course helped push the buttons to move the chair. Looks like our next step is to have a sleep study before scheduling his surgery to get the big buggers out! Apparently the recovery is long and tough and can end in dehydration from kids not wanting to drink due to the sore throat :(. Grandma Sharon is coming out a couple months, maybe we'll get lucky and have it done while she is here to help give extra snuggles! I'm just happy for a great team of Drs that I trust so much!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We spent the weekend in Hood River having all sorts of fun! It was the first time the trips slept outside of a crib or pack and play, they did pretty good! I think all the fresh air, zip lining and hikes helped wear them out to catch some good zzzzzz's.